Emma Marks pilates instructor pilates in brightonSay hello to Emma our new pilates instructor at Pilates in Brighton. Find out more about Emma’s passion for physical well being and fitness below…

Emma has a true passion for all things health, fitness and wellbeing related and has been involved in a variety of sports from a young age.  She was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by the Pilates method – and very quickly experienced first hand how Pilates can transform the way you move and the way you feel.

During her degree studies at Bristol University, regular Pilates gave her renewed focus on her wellbeing, body awareness and strength after hours of studying over a desk.

She has since re-qualified to gain her level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork and has also completed additional Pilates Matwork training with Anoushka Boone, one of UK’s leading Pilates master teachers, at Pilates in Motion, London. She continues to develop as a teacher through regular professional development workshops and courses.

Through Pilates, Emma is keen to guide individuals toward a better understanding of their bodies and how they move. Her classes aim to encompass the whole-body, holistic approach of Pilates to restore freedom and ease of movement within each and every body.

What sparked your initial enthusiasm for Pilates?

I have always loved movement and sports and was fortunate to grow up surrounded by Pilates as my mum taught and ran a Pilates business. This for me was the ultimate exposure to Pilates and I so frequently heard such great feedback from clients whose ease of movement, mobility and strength had benefitted amazingly from this movement system. I just had to try it!

What would you say to someone who has never tried Pilates on why they should try it?

Pilates is a whole body conditioning system that simply works for every body. It has something to offer everyone-from those who need injury rehab or want to ease aches and pains to those after a challenging whole body workout.

 What is your favourite Pilates exercise? 

I love the rolling exercises but particularly open leg rocker. I love the different elements the exercise demands- core control, balance, breathing and flexibility. Plus it’s fun and gives you a whole body massage! 

What’s your favourite Joseph Pilates philosophy/quote?

‘A mind housed within a healthy body possesses a glorious sense of power’

'A mind housed within a healthy body possesses a glorious sense of power'

What are your top 3 pilates or fitness tips?

  1. Be patient and practice regularly- Joseph Pilates famously said it takes 30 sessions to create a whole new body.
  2. Set realistic, achievable goals that work for your lifestyle and your body.
  3. Have fun and find a Pilates class or keep-fit activity that you absolutely love – it’s a guaranteed way to keep you motivated and stick at it… 

Who most inspires you?

My close family members, who have always welcomed physical and mental challenges at their different stages in life. My mum ran her first marathon in her forties, her partner cycled across Spain in his fifties, my brother who has earnt his black belt in Mixed Martial Arts…and even my grandpa tried rollerblading at 87!

I find their dedication to keeping active, fit and well just astounding and it continues to motivate me to better myself.

What do you do when you are not doing Pilates?

Walking on the South Downs, travelling in the UK and abroad and exploring new places. Swimming, spinning, reading, trying new foods and being with family and friends.

Tell us about your classes

Dynamic, challenging, invigorating. Expect a balanced, whole body workout that improves strength and mobility from head to toe. We frequently use small equipment to add support and challenge to your sessions, and to enhance body awareness. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Pilates and whole body movement with you.


Emma is an extremely dynamic, professional and attentive teacher. Her classes are varied and fun and she always tailors to individual needs with ease and patience.  I have felt so much more in tune with my body since joining her classes. My flexibility, strength and overall wellbeing all continue to benefit immensely from her tuition – Olivia Payne.

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