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Carolyn Bailey – Pilates in Brighton Founder

carolyn baileyPilates in Brighton was founded by Carolyn Bailey MCSP, a highly experienced Specialist Musculoskeletal and Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation Physiotherapist with extensive experience in both London’s NHS teaching hospitals and private practices. Before relocating to Brighton and setting up her thriving Pilates studio in Kemptown in 2010, Carolyn was also the company physiotherapist for the esteemed Rambert Dance Company.

Carolyn considers Pilates to be beneficial for everyone and focusses on offering one-to-one consultations with a variety of clients as well as running small-group sessions, using both the Pilates reformer machines and matwork classes.

A firm believer that complex pain and injury are often simply the result of faulty biomechanics or postural habits, Carolyn likes to conduct detailed postural assessments on her clients to identify any potential muscle imbalances. During this initial consultation Carolyn will also listen to her client’s concerns to gain a full understanding of how the issue is affecting their day-to-day life. Using all of this information she will then give a clear explanation as to the cause of the pain and ways in which the client can reduce it.

Carolyn also works alongside consultants and GPs to help rehabilitate patients prior to, or following, surgery. She works with the majority of major health insurance companies. Her areas of special interest include: chronic pain; hip impingement and back pain; shoulder rehabilitation; Joint Hypermobility Syndrome; Parkinson’s; and osteoporosis.

To read more about Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, click here.

To book a one-to-one session with Carolyn, drop us an email.

Max Lobatto – Pilates Teacher

max websiteMax has been involved in physical fitness and body movement from an early age. He started boxing at 5 years old and continues to study traditional Japanese martial arts to this day. Max discovered Pilates in 2003, under the tuition of Paul Mclinden (founder of Ocean Wave Pilates) and from that moment he was a dedicated student of the Pilates method. Max studied a teacher training apprenticeship, learning both the classical mat work and apparatus. He now helps clients recovering from injury, athletes preparing for competitions, dancers or clients wanting to tone up ‘to have strong bodies and look great!’

Tell us about your classes: Fun,  flowing, challenging. The aim is to achieve stronger, longer muscles and spine and improved and increased body awareness.

Testimonial: Max is an exceptional, personable instructor and his classes and 1:1 machine sessions are challenging yet enjoyable. His expertise and attention to detail makes all the difference and I have noticed improvements in posture, ease of movement and muscle definition. Highly recommended! – Simon, Kemptown

Benji Vize Harrington – Pilates Instructor

Formerly a student of the London Contemporary Dance School, Benji has since gone on to perform as a dancer in many stage and television shows. He then went on to become a fitness instructor (teaching dance, aerobics and Pilates) and worked abroad in Italy for 6 years combining and developing his experience. Since his return to the UK he has completed a year’s Pilates teacher training course with Alan Herdman and is currently working with rehab, general fitness and fine tuning the professionals.

Tell us about your classes: aim to give my clients a sense of awareness by developing both the mind and body to support a healthy positive lifestyle. Centring and balancing the body is fundamental as it ensures alignment and stability for the individual. The control of the breath allows you to deepen the internal work of the muscles and to relax and focus the mind. Whether it be a strong, dynamic class you want or a gentle class to stabilise joints and align muscles, my ability to adapt and suit movement to the individual is the key to both my own and my clients’ enjoyment and stimulation.

“The body and the brain are completely interdependent. When skilfully working the muscles combined with oxygenating the body with the breath – and further linking the conscious to the subconscious mind – one is truly working within the realms of Contrology, leading to physical and spiritual harmony.”

Lyn Staff – Pilates Teacher

lynA former contemporary dancer, Lynn Staff began her Pilates teaching career in Buenos Aires, Argentina training under the direct supervision of Tamara di Tella, the founder of South America’s largest Pilates studio chain.  Her ongoing commitment to the Pilates method brought her to Barcelona, where she gained qualifications in both Pilates matwork and studio equipment with Stott Pilates, a world leader in Pilates training.

Lynn holds certification in both the Laban Technique and sports massage, adding to her extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement patterns of the body.  She continues to develop her professional teaching skills under the guidance of Master Trainer Paul Anthony McLinden, the former Head of Teacher Training for Body Control Pilates.

Tell us about your classes: I like to use the small equipment to both challenge but also to make the classes more fun. I specialise in the maintenance of healthy backs and build into each class a balance of all the various spine movements to try and ensure clients keep a pain-free back!

Testimonial: My job is extremely demanding and one of Lyn’s strongest skills was her flexibility and proficiency in quickly assessing my needs that particular day and adpating her class accordingly. She is a very knowledgable teacher and has a very positive and professional attitude – Merce Pigem e Palmes

Keri Lummis – Pilates Instructor

From personal experience Keri has seen the strength that comes from practicing Pilates regularly. In fact, it’s why she loves teaching Pilates so much. Previously Keri suffered from what she describes as the “I seriously can’t get out of bed” bad lower back pain during her career as a gardener, when Keri was often repeatedly working on one side of her body. Also working as a photographer carrying heavy equipment, plus studying garden design, meant Keri was always hunched over a work board for hours on end. Thankfully her doctors, who had put the pain down to just the wear and tear of working life, suggested to give Pilates a try. Through Pilates Keri has managed to become pain free, strong and active again, and she’s back to surfing, horse riding, running and sailing!

Having seen how Pilates can change your body so effectively, Keri decided to retrain as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates, and more recently with Paul Mclinden at Body Control Pilates Studio to teach the studio equipment. Keri also has BHTA fitness exercise instructor and personal trainer qualifications and is a member of REPS exercise professionals.

Tell us about your classes: I really enjoy seeing the clients progress through the weekly classes and seeing how much stronger they become. Pilates should be available to everyone, it has an amazing ability to keep people active, strong, mobile and in good health as we all get older!

Testimonial: I have the pleasure of practising pilates with Keri. I am impressed by her attention to detail in respect of members’ individual needs and her willing ability to adapt exercises to suit them. The class is always varied and enjoyable, and I know that I benefit physically and mentally from attending Keri’s Pilates classes – Ann Trick

Anna Papadopoulos – Pilates Teacher

Anna biog picAnna discovered Pilates over twenty years ago, following a foot injury which ruled out dance and other impact activities. She fell in love with it and eventually decided to train as a teacher. She completed her training and qualified as a mat-work teacher with Helge Fisher and Stephanie Beeson of The New Pilates School, and then qualified to teach on the studio machines with Gordon Thompson and Ellie Ioannidou at the Pilates Body Europe studio in South Kensington. She continues her professional development in workshops with Pilates and other master trainers, as well as anatomy lecturers at Imperial College Teaching Hospital.

Anna brings a lifelong passion and practice of dance and other movement styles to her Pilates experience. She teaches matwork classes as well as individual/small group coaching with the machine studio equipment in Brighton and Hove. Anna also has her own well-established Lewes-based practice, Pilates Contigo at the Coach House Clinic in Lewes. She initiated Pilates courses for the Adult Education programme at Sussex Downs College, Lewes and has taught regular sessions at Glyndebourne Opera House. Anna is experienced in teaching across all levels and ages, during and after pregnancy, as well as supporting those with postural and back issues.

Tell us about your classes: I aim for my classes to have a natural flow and rhythm, which should help you tune in to your own body and be pleasurable and empowering. My classes usually provide a well-rounded work-out, combining stretches with the core strengthening work. We include small props and ‘toys’ to enhance feedback, extend variations and add fun.  My students should feel both relaxed and enlivened after every class – and encouraged to carry some of that awareness of happier body use into their every day.

Testimonial: Anna’s individually tailored approach, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience and good measure of empathy to boot, has undoubtedly been a key factor in my recovery (from chronic lower back pain) – Richard Osborne

Fadila Dermitas – Pilates Instructor (Maternity Leave)

FadilaDeritaspilatesteacherbrightonFadila’s passion for movement started when she was five years old. She danced ballet for seven years, continued with Jazz dance and started singing in bands at the age of 14. It was through her work as a fitness coach that she realised her real passion in posture, alignment, helping people move freely and helping them feel good about their bodies.

She then trained with Alison Swan and Rachel Rafiefar (former Pilates Foundation Teachers) and discovered a whole new world of possibilities to train people of all ages and abilities.Fadila is very passionate about helping people improve their posture, alignment and movement and we are delighted to welcome her to the studio so you can benefit from her wealth of experience.

Katy Pendlebury – Pilates Instructor

Katy Pendlebury one of our fabulous Pilates InstructorsKaty discovered Pilates when she suffered a hip injury during her contemporary dance training.  She has since practised Pilates to sustain her life both as a performer and teacher.  Qualifying in both apparatus and matwork teaching with the Pilates Foundation in 2009, Katy has taught for 8 years at Trevor Blount Pilates Studio in South Kensington and at studios in East Sussex.

Katy enjoys the approach of the Pilates method: working on strength, good biomechanical alignment and flexibility, the Pilates repertoire allows clients to develop freedom of movement and freedom from pain.  She makes use of the vast range of exercises to work individually with clients, creating exercise programmes that support and enhance their own unique anatomy and goals. Read more..

Debbie Bennett – Pilates Instructor

Debbie Bennet pilates instructor brightonMy name is Debbie Bennett and I am a Level 3 Pilates instructor. I qualified in 2007 and trained with the Pilates Institute under Michael King, Malcolm Muirhead and Nuala Coombs.

Prior to that, I was doing Pilates for my own benefit as I discovered I had scoliosis when I was 26 and after attending Pilates classes, I found my posture and backaches improved immensely.

For me, Pilates has become a way of life, not just in my teaching but for me as a person. 

Lucy Kircher – Pilates Instructor

Lucy Kircher Pilates instructor Pilates in Brighton

Lucy has had a life long love for exercise and fitness. She is a fully qualified Personal trainer and group exercise instructor.  After spending many years on her own Pilates practice she has gained  a deep passion for the method and belief in its powers for injury proofing and restoring the body and mind.  Lucy has taken that passion to become a qualified Level 3 Matwork instructor training with our very own resident Physiotherapist and founder Carolyn Bailey.

Lucy’s classes aim to give beginners a structured grounding in Pilates whilst developing their ability. For more experienced participants. Lucy aims to provide a focused, fun and challenging workout.


Karen Manghan  – Pilates Instructor

karenpilatesteacherpilatesinbrightonKaren has recently trained with Carolyn Bailey at Tula Training to gain a level 3 Pilates mat work qualification, Karen has been practicing Pilates since 2003, when an osteopath suggested that Pilates may help her congenital hip dysplasia. Regular Pilates classes not only helped to strengthen her weakened hips, but also reversed the postural problems which had manifested as a result, leading to reduced pain and full mobility.

Karen has come to Pilates teaching from many years of supporting individuals with disability, autism and mental health, this brings an empathic approach to her classes along with a willingness to listen and tailor her teaching to individual need.

Lou Perrotta – Pilates Instructor

Lou PerrottaLou is passionate about Pilates.  When she retired from a career which took her to some of the world’s most challenging places, she was looking for a complete change, something that would keep her fit as she entered the ‘third age’ and something she could share with others. She recently qualified as a Pilates Instructor at the Pilates in Brighton Kemptown Studio, and is keen to start teaching.

Lou is enthusiastic, an excellent motivator, hugely supportive and tries to make her classes fun as well as gently challenging. SheLou Perrotta is keen to encourage more people to practice Pilates – especially people who might not otherwise feel comfortable about attending a typical Pilates class. She is convinced that ‘anyone can do Pilates and everyone should do Pilates’, and is always available to discuss individual concerns to ensure that individuals’ needs are met. Read more…

Emma Marks – Pilates Instructor

Emma Marks pilates instructor pilates in brightonEmma has a true passion for all things health, fitness and wellbeing related and has been involved in a variety of sports from a young age.  She was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by the Pilates method – and very quickly experienced first hand how Pilates can transform the way you move and the way you feel.

Through Pilates, Emma is keen to guide individuals toward a better understanding of their bodies and how they move. Her classes aim to encompass the whole-body, holistic approach of Pilates to restore freedom and ease of movement within each and every body. Read more…

Jenny James – Pilates Instructor

Jenny James Pilates instructor brighton

Jenny’s passion for fitness and exercise started growing up in a family passionate about the Outdoors. Her love of walking especially in North Wales when possible has supported her mentally and physically into present day.
She started in the leisure industry as a fitness Instructor and then went on to develop and run a GP referral scheme in Hackney before training as a Pilates Instructor 9 years ago after finding it helped her to maintain old injuries. Read more…

Adrian Hemstalk – Pilates Instructor

Adrian Hemstalk pilates teacher brightonAdrian qualified as a level 3 Pilates matwork instructor with Tula Training here at Pilates in Brighton. He began practising Pilates in 2001 when office work led to lower back pain.

While treating his lower back he discovered the many other benefits of increased strength and flexibility that come with regular Pilates practice and has been a devotee ever since. Read more.

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