Gentle Pilates Class

Lou PerrottaThis pilates class provides a gentle introduction to Pilates and welcomes older adults, people at risk of injury, people recovering from injury or illness, and people who know they need to get fitter – but don’t know where to start. It is also suitable for beginners.

The class focuses on improving strength, flexibility, balance and posture – all of which help prevent injury and slow the potentially harmful changes that occur as the body ages. The classes are adapted to the specific needs of participants and progress at a suitable pace.

Meet Lou Perrotta – Pilates Instructor

Lou is passionate about Pilates.  When she retired from a career which took her to some of the world’s most challenging places, she was looking for a complete change, something that would keep her fit as she entered the ‘third age’ and something she could share with others.

She recently qualified as a Pilates Instructor at the Pilates in Brighton Kemptown Studio, and is keen to start teaching.  Lou is enthusiastic, an excellent motivator, hugely supportive and tries to make her classes fun as well as gently challenging.

She is keen to encourage more people to practice Pilates – especially people who might not otherwise feel comfortable about attending a typical Pilates class. She is convinced that ‘anyone can do Pilates and everyone should do Pilates’, and is always available to discuss individual concerns to ensure that individuals’ needs are met.

Gentle pilates classes are on every Monday Book Now!



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