Karen Manghan pilates instructor brighton

We managed to take five and interview our new Pilates instructor Karen Manghan to find out more about her love of pilates, what fuels her enthusiasm, her fave pilates exercise and more…

What sparked your initial enthusiasm for Pilates?

I was born with double hip dysplasia which caused postural problems throughout my life, an osteopath suggested the pilates method to me 13 years ago and I signed up to classes a few months later, regular pilates practice improved my hip mobility in a short time and also helped to reverse the postural problems in my shoulders and thoracic spine. I was hooked!

What would you say to someone who has never tried Pilates on why they should try it? 

Pilates is not just about exercise, it’s about improving the quality of our functional movements which can help us to avoid injury and postural problems in later life, it’s also a great stress reliever and helps us to improve our body awareness.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

I am a big fan of Spine Stretch Forward, it took me many years to master in my own practice, but I find that it really helps clients to articulate their spine and develop understanding of sequential movement.

What’s your favourite Joseph Pilates philosophy/ quote?

quotefancy-1185901-3840x2160 What are your top 3 pilates or fitness tips?

  1. Take it slowly, don’t sacrifice the quality of a movement to progress to the next level too quickly, pilates is all about precision.
  2. Breathe! Take the time to practice your pilates breathing and use the breath to help you with the more challenging exercises.
  3. Enjoy it. Pilates is fun and a great way to take time out from our busy lives.

Who most inspires you?

My Mum, who will be 70 next year, who is very active, flexible and glamorous.

What do you do when you are not doing Pilates?

I love watching films and I am a regular at the Duke of Yorks cinema.

Karen teaches our Wednesday Beginners/Improvers Pilates Class 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Book in here http://bit.ly/BookPilatesClass.


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