Meet Jenny James our new pilates instructor at Pilates in Brighton, Kemptown.

Jenny’Jenny James Pilates instructor brightons passion for fitness and exercise started growing up in a family passionate about the Outdoors. Her love of walking especially in North Wales when possible has supported her mentally and physically into present day.

She started in the leisure industry as a fitness Instructor and then went on to develop and run a GP referral scheme in Hackney before training as a Pilates Instructor 9 years ago after finding it helped her to maintain old injuries.


“I love Pilates as it helped me to understand the importance of body awareness. As I became more aware this helped me to work on improving movement patterns and posture and more recently strengthen and lengthen my body after the birth of my daughter.”


Jenny has taught Pilates for 7 years in London and Brighton. She enjoys helping people to feel better about themselves. She likes it when clients really notice a difference in their bodies after a Pilates class.


“My classes are detailed at first to help the client understand and embody the basics of breath, movement, engagement, posture and flow. This gives a solid foundation for continuing classes. People then will start to develop an awareness of the different movements they are learning and how it feels in their body. This will help them to slowly work on their own specific goals in a safe, controlled and realising manner.”
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