We’re so excited to have Katy Pendlebury join the  growing, talented team of pilates instructors at the studio!

Meet Katy Pendlebury 

Katy Pendlebury one of our fabulous Pilates InstructorsKaty discovered Pilates when she suffered a hip injury during her contemporary dance training.  She has since practised Pilates to sustain her life both as a performer and teacher.  Qualifying in both apparatus and matwork teaching with the Pilates Foundation in 2009, Katy has taught for 8 years at Trevor Blount Pilates Studio in South Kensington and at studios in East Sussex.

Katy enjoys the approach of the Pilates method: working on strength, good biomechanical alignment and flexibility, the Pilates repertoire allows clients to develop freedom of movement and freedom from pain.  She makes use of the vast range of exercises to work individually with clients, creating exercise programmes that support and enhance their own unique anatomy and goals.

“I see Pilates as a whole body practice that works on all muscle groups to strengthen each area of the body to create a balanced, strong and healthy body.  In my classes I like to focus on working through the whole body, to create a feeling of integrated strength and well-being.”

Katy continues her professional development through workshops in various movement disciplines and with Paul Anthony McLinden, the former Head of Teacher Training for Body Control Pilates.




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