Ease lower back pain with physiotherapy and clinical Pilates…

Do you have lower back pain or find walking or standing painful?

Do you sit at a desk all day or carry heavy backpacks?

At Pilates in Brighton we take great care to diagnose back pain issues through one-to-one clinical physiotherapy and pilates sessions.

Clinical pilates is taught by highly experienced physiotherapists with post-graduate training in clinical Pilates and movement dysfunction ensuring that your sessions are effective and safe.

As well as treating the symptoms we aim to identify the cause, correct any postural problems, muscle imbalance or movement dysfunction and most importantly make sure your problem or pain does not recur.

Physiotherapy combined with regular Pilates classes can help you strengthen your spine and be less susceptive to ongoing back pain flare ups. We would like to try to help with clinical Pilates. A one to one is £45 and last one hour.


“Very quickly over the Christmas break I developed a bad lower back pain that made it nearly impossible to walk – lots of traveling and carrying a heavy rucksack seemed to set it off. I came back to Brighton barely able to walk or stand and was in a lot of pain.

Friends recommended that I start some Pilates classes to get stronger and less susceptible to this kind of injury (it wasn’t the first time it had happened) so I contacted Pilates In Brighton for help. They advised me that I would probably need some one-to-one physio to diagnose the issue, rather than letting me book a block of pilates courses – which I was grateful for – as I’d probably have done more damage by just starting the classes.

I met with Carolyn and she was very quick to diagnose the issue as postural, and worked with me through a range of stances and exercises that began to help almost immediately. In my opinion I received expert advice and support which helped enormously – after just three one hour sessions, over three weeks, the incredible pain I was in had almost completely gone. No painkillers needed!

I can’t recommend Pilates in Brighton highly enough, they were respectful, professional and the physio just plain worked. Fantastic!”

Ali – Brighton

Book your initial physiotherapy assessment…

To book your initial physiotherapy assessment or ask any questions – call us on 01273 699998. Or email us at pilatesinbrighton@gmail.com.

See our class timetable for beginners and back pain pilates classes.

Packages to help with Back Pain

  • A one to one assessment with a Physiotherapist and 3 mat classes = £65  Buy Now.
  • A one to one assessment with a Physiotherapist and 2 machine classes = £70  Buy Now


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