We’ve put together 9 reasons why you’ll love a Pilates for singles holiday.

Pilates for Singles Holiday

Need a break to nourish your mind and body? More and more people are going solo and booking a holiday for one abroad. Single travel is becoming more popular than ever according to the Independent. But…. you don’t have to be a singleton to holiday alone. More women are leaving husbands and partners at home as they tick off destinations on their bucket lists. Singles holidays are no longer the realm of the lonely hearts columnist or the over 50’s. The demand for holidays from single people is increasing. According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly a third of UK households are now occupied by one person and this figure has doubled since the early Sixties according to the Daily Mail.

Pilates holidays in the sun

Single parent? Forget package holidays with the kids and grab yourself some well earned rest and relaxation with an added fitness and well-being twist. On a Pilates holiday you will come back revived, refreshed with a ravishing lean body. Stretch your way to health with mind-body inspired Pilates classes on the beach. Sounds good? We think so…

If you have ever wanted a Pilates body now’s the time. Everyone is doing it from professional athletes to supermodels like Twiggy and even One Direction. Harry Styles has been bitten by the Pilates bug. Why? Because classical Pilates strengthens the core and works smaller muscle groups that can get left out with other forms of exercise. Regular Pilates sessions can prevent injuries and help you recover from injuries. On a Pilates holiday you can take time out for yourself but don’t lose the buzz that comes from regular exercise. There are so many health affirming reasons to book a Pilates holiday and here are just a few…

#1. Pilates is addictive in a positive way

Once you have mastered the mind-body pilates connection its hard to go back to other forms of less mindful exercise that might not support you whole well-being. In the words of Joseph Pilates “The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.”

#2. Mind Body Connection

Pilates works wonders for the mind and is the preferred exercise for dancers. Joseph Pilates’ six principles — centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow all use brain power when mastering each exercise.

#3. Spa holiday bah!

Don’t get us wrong, you are on holiday after all but how many times have you booked a package holiday and gone on the holy grail to find an affordable spa experience? I suspect many times. I know I have, think differently and make your holiday focus on your own wellbeing with Pilates classes as part of the package.

#4. Feel the Motivation

When you are relaxed and in a like minded community you are more motivated to think healthily, work out and be kind to yourself. Plus, on a group holiday everyone supports each other. The motivation and attention to care and attention given by experienced instructors helps too. Go a beginner and come back a pro!

#5. Get Fit and Fabulous

We all think to ourselves I’ll go to the gym, book a yoga class or go swimming on holiday every day. But how many of you actually take the action? Hands up! Good intentions can last a lifetime but on a Pilates holiday, fitness, health and relaxation are guaranteed. You’ll find yourself in the swing of morning Pilates workouts even if you don’t feel like it and if you don’t feel like it that’s fine too. There’s no pressure, enjoy the sights, markets and top up your tan on the beach.

#6. Lose Weight

This is a biggie for most of us. Do you diet to get into the bikini you bought in the January sales but alas come back from your hols 6lbs heavier? Not on our plan. You will experience a healthier, life changing way of eating. Sugar free, special dietary needs? Not a problem. We aim to cater for all types so don’t be embarrassed about telling us what you need.

#7. Meditate your way to health

We think Pilates in itself is a meditation of mind and body. Pilates exercise especially breathing control is much like a meditation for improving whole-body health and wellness. The principle of using your breath requires concentration and coordination. What you image you become!

#8. Go on a Personal Journey

When you go on a pilates retreat, you’re signing up to practice pilates every day but you’ll also be on a journey not a destination. Choose a pilates holiday in a destination you have always wanted to visit and combine fitness with travel. The journey itself will change you in many positive ways.

#9. Make Friends for Life

Spending time with the same group of people means you’ll have plenty of time to find even more common interests and develop friendships. Whether you find someone that lives near you or a long-distance pilates buddy, pilates retreats foster the kind of deep relationships that are the basis for life long friendships.


Pilates Holidays 2016

A Pilates holiday for solo travellers is healing, health affirming and fun. You’ll meet fellows with a shared mission to be the best you can be. So if you want to let go of stress, meet open-minded nice people all while getting fit then you’ll definitely want to consider a pilates retreat in 2016.

Pilates in Brighton have been running sell out Pilates holidays for several years so you couldn’t be in better hands. Why not treat yourself to a Pilates holiday in the Algarve, Portugal this year?