Could Pilates holidays be the new yoga holidays?

With more and more people realising how beneficial Pilates is for the mind and body it’s no wonder Pilates Holidays and Retreats have had a recent surge in popularity. A Pilates holiday is such a fabulous way to really focus on improving your technique, away from the distractions at home, while relaxing in beautiful surroundings, eating wonderful local food and meeting likeminded individuals. But there are a lot of holidays and retreats out there so we’ve got our Top 5 tips for choosing your Pilates holiday:

1.    Location and Accommodation
Are you more of a beach bum or mountain explorer? Do you crave boutique luxury or are you happy with something a bit more rustic? Thinking about what you normally search for in a holiday is going to be an important part of how to choose your Pilates holiday destination too! And check exactly where the accommodation is – how far is it from the airport? This could make a considerable difference to the 1st and last days of the holiday; you don’t want to be wasting two days on a coach if you’re only there for a week!

2.    Solo or duo?
Might seem silly but it’s worth having a think about whether you really want to spend a week with complete strangers? It can be a wonderful way to make new friends with some fantastic people but a lot of companies offer shared rooms as a cheaper option. Perhaps it’s worth asking a friend? Send an email round / message on Facebook, you might be pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm!

3.    Teacher and level
It’s absolutely vital to know a bit about your teacher before you book the Pilates holiday. How many years have they been teaching?  The last thing you want is to be stuck with someone with no experience. If they teach classes local to you then why not pop in and see if you like their style? If that’s not an option then don’t hesitate to ask for client testimonials! Would you prefer someone super serious or light-hearted and more fun?

4. Activities and excursions
Check out what activities and excursions are on offer on the holiday. If you’re a bit of an adventurer then you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no opportunity to explore. Do you want the holiday to be all about Pilates or combined with another activity? Pilates in Brighton offers a Pilates and Walking Holiday which offers some fabulous walks through the mountains aswell as some Pilates sessions, whilst there Pure Pilates holiday is more focussed on the Pilates, with sessions every day.

4.    Price and timing
Unless the information states otherwise, the holiday or retreat should include all tuition, some meals, accommodation but not the flights. This means you have a pretty good idea of how much the week will cost you. Have you looked at flight costs? Compare websites are great and the general rule is – the earlier you book the cheaper the flight and outside the summer holidays is always cheaper. Might also be worth thinking about whether you want some extra time for exploring before or after the Pilates holiday?

Pilates Holidays at Pilates in Brighton


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