Pilates is a fantastic exercise on its own but also works as a wonderful supplement to other fitness activities including running, cycling and walking.

Avoid injury – Pilates increases flexibility and strength, reducing muscle soreness and strain on the ligaments. Injury can also be caused by not…

…Stretching muscles – Pilates will provide a regular and progressive stretching of muscles which is often not given enough attention by runners, cyclists, walkers and other athletes. Pilates encourages long, lean muscles which help with strength and speed (and fat loss, of course!).

Body alignment – Good alignment is so important for preventing injury and maintaining balance within the body. It helps to distribute the weight during other sport such as walking and running, which results in using muscles more efficiently, helping you run faster, cycle with more power and walk..

Core strength  – The core strength acquired in Pilates will improve performance in many other sports and activities. Muscle, tendon, ligament and bone strength are also increased which is vital support for the impact of running and other sports.
Focus on breathing – the breath is a key part of the Pilates method where deeper breathing into the ribcage is practised. Smoother, deeper breathing helps to use the lung capacity more efficiently and will reduce shortness of breath in other activities.

Pilates in Brighton offers a Pilates and Walking Holiday in May 2014

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